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Bucceri Snow Making played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of Xian Ski Resort, even guaranteeing their opening day. Back in 2012, the resort faced significant challenges due to a lack of snow, almost jeopardizing their operations. Recognizing this, Bucceri Snow Making came to the rescue by installing a robust all-weather snow making system, capable of producing 100 cubic meters of snow daily. This innovative solution not only safeguarded the resort’s opening day but also extended their skiing season for a remarkable 90 days. Your trusted partner in snow making, Bucceri Snow Making is committed to delivering exceptional results for your ski resort.
The Bucceri Snow Making system was developed within a 30-day timeframe, with snow production commencing 15 days prior to opening. Xian Ski Resort faced difficulties in 2013 due to warmer temperatures and a previous season that lasted less than 30 days. Their existing snow making systems lacked the necessary temperature conditions for opening day snow production. To overcome the challenges of operating a ski resort in marginal temperatures, Bucceri provided a reliable and stable 24/7 snow making solution. Leveraging the existing power and water infrastructure, Bucceri’s system guaranteed a daily production of 100 cubic meters of snow, ensuring coverage for the main slope, opening day readiness, and a full 90-day ski season. As a result, the resort gained a competitive advantage by operating for the entire season and successfully preselling a significant number of tickets in advance.
The images depict the progression from the initial snowfall created by Bucceri machines to the subsequent full opening of the Xian ski resort.
Has the decision to use Bucceri Snow making machines been successful? Yes, the resort experienced a significant boost in ticket sales in 2014 and successfully pre-sold all available tickets to a reseller, thanks to the reliable operation of the machines. The Bucceri Plus temperature snowmaking system has gained widespread adoption in Chinese ski resorts, ensuring the production of high-quality snow with guaranteed results.
Since 2013, Bucceri Snow Making has revolutionized skiing in China. This innovative system has garnered immense popularity at Chinese ski resorts, featuring authentic Bucceri snow machines and locally manufactured replicas. There is no doubt that Bucceri Snow Making was instrumental in the growth of China’s ski industry and the influence of Bucceri’s system in China’s ski industry, with its widespread adoption and unparalleled impact since its introduction. The image below shows a video of a Bucceri System in use at a new ski resort development in China.


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24/7 preparedness in
all weather

24/7 preparedness in
all weather