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The Snow Hybrid makes snow in 2 ways.

Welcome to Bucceri Snow Making, where the Bucceri Hybrid proves its versatility regardless of the temperature. In sub-zero temperatures, it operates as a conventional Fan Gun, while in warmer climates, it transforms into an efficient ice machine, ensuring the production of flawless, high-quality snow.

Introducing the New Bucceri Snowfall Hybrid

Existing ice making solutions fail to adequately address the challenges posed by global warming, and also suffer from limitations in capacity, snow making costs, and mobility. However, Bucceri Snow Hybrid emerges as the ultimate solution to these issues. By seamlessly integrating two proven technologies into a single machine, it enables the production of more snow at a significantly lower cost, especially during the crucial snow making temperatures. Moreover, this fully automatic machine simply requires connection to existing water and power sources, utilizing the same infrastructure already present in most ski resorts worldwide. In terms of size, the Bucceri Snow Hybrid matches that of a fan gun, ensuring convenient and efficient operation. Choose Bucceri Snow Making for the most innovative and effective snow making solution.
Introducing Bucceri Snow Making – the ultimate solution for high-quality snow production in any temperature! Discover the exceptional Bucceri Snowfall Hybrid, designed to effortlessly create premium snow with a simple plug into power and water. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of our state-of-the-art snow making technology, now available at Bucceri Snow Making.
The Bucceri Snowfall Hybrid surpasses all other ice making or snow making machines in the market when it comes to critical temperatures around zero Degrees Celsius. Not only does it outperform, but it also offers the advantage of being significantly more cost-effective compared to an Ice Making System. With Bucceri Snow Making, you can trust in our innovative technology to provide exceptional results while saving you money.

Produces up to 20 times more Snow at lower cost!

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The Bucceri Hybrid makes ice seeds that can be programmed for use in 2 ways!

The Bucceri Hybrid offers two effective methods for making snow. The Bucceri snow Hybrid produces ice seeds that can be utilized in two different ways. For temperatures ranging from 0 degrees Celsius to plus 20 degrees Celsius, the ice seeds are designed to be blown onto the ground, creating high-quality snow that can either be stockpiled or immediately used for snow skiing activities. In temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius, these seeds are grown and combined with atomized water to produce snow, employing the same principle as a traditional snow gun.


Bucceri Snow Making has been the world’s leading innovator in Plus Temperature Snow making since 1984. The Bucceri Snow Making Machines provide the best snow quality required for snow activities .


Quality Service and Equipment to meet your needs with 38 years of experience in operating events and creating snow making machines for plus freezing temperatures and servicing customers such as Sea World, Dream World, Red Bull, Ford Motor Company, Swiss Government and many more.

24/7 preparedness in
all weather

24/7 preparedness in
all weather

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The Bucceri Hybrid is affordable, mobile and must have addition to meet the challenges of Global Warming.
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