Connect the Bucceri Hybrid to a 32 or 20 amp power source depending on the model and to mains water at 30 psi to start creating snow anytime in above-freezing temperatures.

At Bucceri Snow Making, we offer the necessary Electrical Plug and Water connector to suit your specific requirements.

Start enjoying  the straightforwardness of the Bucceri Snow Hybrid Modular System and its seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.

The snow capacity is approximately 6.5 cubic yards at a rate of 0.4 per every 24-hour period. While the initial build-up might be slow, rest assured that you will soon witness a pile of fresh, dry snow steadily growing in both height and volume as time progresses. The snow produced is  perfect for immediate use for sking or snow play.

The machines are mobile and can be easily turned to take advantage of the prevailing wind and multiple machines can be used together to cover a ski slope or create a large snow stockpile.

There are hundreds of hours available at resort locations when temperatures are hovering just above freezing and you will imediatley reap the financial rewards of having  machines that can work 24/7 to  provide you with a fresh blanket of pristine snow to offer your customers.

At sub-freezing temperatures, your Bucceri Snow Hybrid in Fan Gun Mode can increase snow output by adding the appropriate amount of atomized water based on the temperature conditions. 

At Bucceri Snow Making, we offer two options for managing your snow production. Our automated system opens your nozzles at the optimal time, ensuring efficient snow production. Alternatively, you can choose a simpler approach by manually opening a valve to control the flow of water through the nozzles. The choice is yours, and our prices vary accordingly.

You can increase the snow capacity in the same way a fan or air/water gun mixes  atomised water and ice particles created by the air compressor. This means you can to make up to 30 times more snow than that produced in plus temperature mode.

So how does the Hybrid do it?

Nothing different to conventional snow making here!

The Bucceri Snow Making process follows the same steps as any conventional fan gun, creating ice nuclei and combining them with atomized water. These mixtures are then blown high into the sub-freezing atmosphere to produce snow. In the accompanying video, you can witness how ice nuclei are formed by blending compressed air and water in traditional snow-making machines.

Nothing complicated in the operation!

At Bucceri Snow Making, we utilize a patented ice-making process to create ice nuclei that serve a dual purpose. In warmer temperatures, these ice nuclei help produce high-quality snow, while in sub-freezing conditions, they are used in combination with atomized water blown into the air, resulting in snow production the economical and conventional way. Our video showcases the mesmerizing fusion of snow dust generated by the Bucceri Snow Hybrid as it effortlessly blends with water, gracefully ascending into the air, and eventually descending to the ground as delicate snowflakes.

Similar Results as with a fan gun!

Our method of producing snow at low temperatures rivals that of fan guns or air-water guns. We utilize large water volumes to create exceptional man-made snow, ensuring quality is never compromised. Experience the remarkable results for yourself in our video, where the Bucceri Snow Hybrid Machines showcase their ability to generate superior snow even at low temperatures.


Bucceri Snow Making has been the world’s leading innovator in Plus Temperature Snow making since 1984. The Bucceri Snow Making Machines provide the best snow quality required for snow activities .


Quality Service and Equipment to meet your needs with 38 years of experience in operating events and creating snow making machines for plus freezing temperatures and servicing customers such as Sea World, Dream World, Red Bull, Ford Motor Company, Swiss Government and many more.

24/7 preparedness in
all weather

24/7 preparedness in
all weather