The Bucceri Snowfall 125 and 250 are patented products that make snow in any temperature and can make snow in 3 different ways.

The machines are fully automatic and can make FALLING SNOW to cover large areas either continuously or at cycled intervals. The quantity of snow blown and the height of the snowfall can be controlled to meet your requirements.

The machines can also be switched to production mode to BLOW FRESH SNOW on the ground to cover large areas for all forms of snow activities such as tobogganing, snow man buliding, snowball throwing, snowboard lessons, etc.

The machines are operated by a sophisticated control panel that can make snow continuously or intermittently to meet your requirements. Just dial in your settings and the machines will go to work to make fresh high quality snow in any temperature.

The Snowfall 125 makes 12.5 cubic metres of snow daily and the Snowfall 250 makes 25 cubic metres of snow daily.

Need more snow?

The Snowfall 125 and 250 can be used in OVERLOAD MODE and production can be increased up to 30 cubic metres per hour or 720 cubic metres per day.

The perfect solution for when you need a large quanity of snow to open quickly!


Bucceri Snow Making has been the world’s leading innovator in Plus Temperature Snow making since 1984. The Bucceri Snow Making Machines provide the best snow quality required for snow activities .


Quality Service and Equipment to meet your needs with 38 years of experience in operating events and creating snow making machines for plus freezing temperatures and servicing customers such as Sea World, Dream World, Red Bull, Ford Motor Company, Swiss Government and many more.

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24/7 preparedness in
all weather

24/7 preparedness in
all weather